Training Module
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C/No. C/Name From
23105 Integrated 28/11
23458 Derailment Investigation 04/12
23624 Refresher Course (P.Way) 28/11
23625 Refresher Course (Works) 28/11
23907 Special course for executive of DFCCIL Gr. III Phase II 18/09
Forthcoming Courses
C/No. C/Name From D/W
23832 Certificate course in Basics of Railway construction Project Supervision (Civil) 11/12 1W
23307 IRICEN Day 14/12 3 D
23443 Bridge - Construction, Inspection & Maintenance 18/12 2W
23459 USFD & Rail grinding 18/12 1W
23626 Refresher Course (P.Way) 18/12 3W
23830 Certificate course in Basics of Railway construction Project Supervision (Civil) 18/12 1W
23234 Webinar: Thick web switches and Points & Crossings on curves. 19/12 1 D
23233 Webinar: Calculation of design discharge for bridge using GIS techniques 22/12 1 D
23417 Mechanised maintenance & Track tolerances and Track Monitoring 26/12 1W
23504 Special course for Junior Managers of DFCCIL Gr. II Phase II 26/12 8W
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Hon'ble MR's Vision
I. Safety of trains is top most priority.
-Installation of Kavach and automatic signaling
-Improved maintenance contract and practices for safety in high speed era
II. Loading of 5 million tonne per day including
synchronous unloading
III. Execution Priorities
-Double the pace of commissioning of railway lines
-Increase the speed of station development works
-Switching over to EPC contract environment
-Speed up to 160 kmph on at least one route of each Division
-Speed raising up to 130 kmph on most of the routes [expansion beyond GD-GQ route]
IV. Improvement in network efficiency
-Identification and removal of bottlenecks
-Removal of permanent speed restriction in mission mode, by creating divisional task force
-Provision of bypass at major interchange stations
-Plan for multiple lines (6 to 10) for major carge routes
V. Integrity of Railway officials
VI. Procedural reforms to expedite decision makings
VII. Highest ever capital expenditure of Rs. 2.40 lakh
-Targeted expenditure @ Rs. 20,000 crore per month
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